Wednesday, 16 September 2009


I have a strange relationship with the world of advertising. In magazines, it is something to be torn out before you can actually read the articles or simply ignored. On billboards, it tends to stay in my mind about 10 seconds before I notice something else newer and shinier and move on without purchase.

Yet TV advertising manages to grab my attention wholeheartedly...but before ad executives pat themselves on the back, it manages to do this by annoying me so much I find myself actively boycotting products.

The new GoCompare advert has me running for the mute button every time (and thanking my lucky stars I have no car to insure), the Triple Velvet baby makes me pine for the days of cut up newspaper by the loo and Calgon makes me wish the water was deep enough to drown the actors. But nothing compares to the homicidal rage and surging blood pressure I feel whenever the little red-jumpered devil pictured above appears on screen...

I want to lock both him and his mother in Paul's bathroom for all eternity to breathe in the nerve gas like spray of a Touch n'Fresh for their part in this advert. As if it wasn't already the most hideous advert on TV (since Glade's last cutesy shitting child), these two have managed to add insult to injury by making it the hammiest thing since gammon.

I realise writing about this heinous advert probably encourages an army of people who can't be discreet in the bathroom, but I'm prepared to run that risk to vent my spleen. I find myself actively avoiding any product connected to these (and all other) annoying adverts. But what about you? Does advertising woo you or warn you off? Am I the only one who feels this way?

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