Sunday, 13 September 2009


As most of you will know, I love make up. Particularly mascara...

I know that foundation adverts are air brushed to a level of falsehood that eradicates pores. I know anti aging creams don't mimic Botox, but put me in front of a mascara advert and I even though I know they are Photoshopped to hell and laden with lash inserts, I am always blindly drawn toward the promise of longer thicker lashes...I have a strange belief that life will be magically better if only my lashes touched my eyebrows.

Unsurprisingly I have been suckered in by just about every mascara product on the market over the years from lash building undercoats to cake slabs. And every single one has let me down enough to make me return to my trusty 2000 Calories by Max Factor with a heartfelt sigh of relief.

So why today did my ears prick up to hear that Maybelline are launching a vibrating mascara? How long will it take me to succumb to this temptation? Why am I suckered in by the promises of one part of the beauty industry and not the rest?

Oh, why doesn't The Beauty Myth answer these questions and save me from myself?

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