Sunday, 6 September 2009

LOL me alone

I can't help it and I can't contain it...I can't stand LOLspeak. I can't even be convinced when it is accompanied by pictures of little furry things. It goes against all my instincts and educational indoctrination for correct spelling and grammar amongst adults.

I am secretly pleased to be such a grumpy old bat at the age of 30 as to not to be swayed by the humour or cuteness of such things (but then I am generally immune to cute animal pictures). Instead I just seethe gently when people use it, particularly outside of actual I Can Haz Cheezburger images.

It doesn't help that LOLspeak is interbreeding with Textspeak to create a vowel-less grammatically sloppy world that it pains me to live in. LOLspeak makes me want to reach for a pencil and paper and write things out in longhand in my best handwriting neatly between the lines for all eternity.

Yep, I am one LOLcat away from shouting 'Get off my lawn" at passers-by on the internet.

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