Monday, 7 September 2009


So far, this blogging thing feels a bit like homework. Either this is very appropriate for the first week of September or I am even more technologically challenged than I thought, because I've been having some difficulties with stuff like posting with pagebreaks...

While I love many things about the internet and my computer, I am at heart an old fashioned kind of gal. I prefer pen and paper to auto save. I don't actually know what html is. So bear with me while I work out what the hell I'm doing. I might need to find one of those annoyingly confident kids from those PC adverts to guide me through this slowly (even though I'm on a Mac.)

I don't remember starting school being like this. Maybe the new pencil case at the beginning of each year made everything feel so much better? Just don't try and explain Twitter or Tumblr to me right now!

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