Saturday, 6 February 2010


I have not been blogging much recently, mainly due to the fact I am attempting to give up smoking and every hour of the day is taken up with trying to distract myself from thinking about cigarettes. This seems to have involved going to bed about 8.30 most nights, not leaving much time to blog.

I have been smoking for more years than I would care to remember and it has been a social crutch for me for most of that time. I am not just giving up cigarettes, I am giving up the habits of a lifetime. So far it is going quite well, mainly due to giving up drinking as well to avoid temptation. I have already started to find other people's cigarette smoke quite repulsive and being annoyed by people smoking in the ticket hall at Victoria station. I hope this means I am losing my love for the filthy weed rather than I am turning into one of those frightful born again non smokers, but I apologise in advance if that happens!

I was spurred into giving up smoking by my friend G's amazing acheivement of knocking a 30-a day habit on the head in only a few weeks. How hard could it be to give up my 2 or 3 a day in comparison? I thought about how much money I would save, how I wouldn't have to be a social pariah standing outside in the cold and how much healthier and alive I would feel and encouraged by how stupid I felt standing around shivering in the recent snow, I had my last cigarette just over 3 weeks ago. And promptly developed a headache which has not left me since...

Tired and crotchety, I went to see my doctor this week to see if she could help me shift my permanent headache. She grudgingly gave me some ibuprofen and told me that since I wasn't using nicotine replacement therapy to give up smoking, it wouldn't last and I'd be back on the cigarettes by Easter. Annoyed by her lack of encouragement, but determined to prove her wrong, I have decided to blog about quitting smoking so that everyone who knows me can help me stick to my guns and remind me that I am now a non-smoker or simply shame me into avoiding cigarettes in future! I promise not to bite...


  1. Ooooh good luck!! I'm "one of those frightful born again non smokers" :) I didn't mean it to happen, but it just does. I think it's a mixture of being pure turned by smoke now and slightly jealous that those stinky people still get to indulge. My issue with giving up 2.5 yrs ago!! was that I smoked because I REALLY enjoyed it. it wasn't just habit, I truly loved it. It was hard, like yourself I just went trainspotting cold turkey stylie. It's the only way. All that gum/ patch nicotine replacement therapy is useless. People are kidding themselves. Be strong! and don't let one bad nite put you off. Over the 2.5 yrs I've had the odd cigarette (usually while blocked)... I think I've managed so little because I've never actually said to myself that I can't have one. They're not banned as such. In my head I'm simply "choosing" not to smoke anymore. Ah the lengths I have to go to to pacify my contrary self

  2. I like your thinking about choosing not to smoke. That's what I've been telling myself I'm doing, but I thought I was kidding myself. Good to hear you're doing so well for so long using that method...

    Oh god, why have I never realised how foul cigarette smoke smells until now? I'm kind of embarrassed!

  3. It's so weird isn't it? I can't believe how much people actually "stink" when they have a smoke. It's that awful stale smell when someone comes back inside after stubbing one out, it's just horrid!

  4. I live with a smoker; the least stinky smoker (after you, of course!) I know. But I can tell when he hasn't smoked in the house for a few days - the air quality is that much better...

    Good luck with this new endeavour - you are very brave to go the non-nictoine replacement route. I will be on hand to help you curb your cravings.

  5. I know how strong you are and know you'll keep at it. Smoking is a tiny hurdle in comparison to some of the trials and tribulations you have overcome. I am now off the Champix, a little earlier than anticipated, but I have been smoke free since the 22nd of December and feel great. Food tastes amazing and my breathing has improved drastically, in spite of the numerous colds and sinus issues.

    Anyone reading this and considering quitting, I strongly recommend the Allen Carr 'Easyway To Quit Smoking', it made me realise that I had forced my body to become accustomed to cigarettes. Reading that book (and the Champix), really helped make it so easy.

    Keep at it honey, we'll be so much better off without the filthy weed. MMx

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