Thursday, 6 May 2010


Well, I've done my civic duty, put my Xs in the boxes earlier today and voted in the most important General Election for a decade. Voting ends in a couple hours, so it's more or less over bar the shouting and my apprehension is turning to excitement...

You see, I am a (not so) secret political geek and I enjoy few things more than sitting up all night watching election coverage. It's long been a source of disappointment to me that thanks to the late advent of rolling news coverage I missed out on watching the 2000 George Bush debacle unfold in the wee hours. I've made up for it by watching every bit of election coverage possible since then, even local council results. The latest US Presidential race will be a hard night to beat as I watched it at home while talking to a multitude of interested parties around the world thanks to the internet.

Tonight however I shall be going old school and watching the results in the comfort of my own home with my brother who just happens to be the only person I know who is even more of a political geek than me. We both did A Level politics at the same school in Belfast, taught by a man called Mr Foster who had such an all-encompassing love for the subject that he used to get up at 4am to record specific programmes from the World Service onto cassette tape. His first wife may have left him for such things, but his pupils loved him for it. Classes were hours of debate and involvement that even the sulkiest teen couldn't help but enjoy.

I'll be thinking of Mr Foster tonight as my brother and I open another beer and try not to start a politically charged argument around 2am. But not til I've finished watching Come Dine With Me...

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