Friday, 6 August 2010


Just when I thought I'd got a handle on my greatest fear in life™ and stopped freaking out everytime I see a wasp, along comes fear in a new article in the Daily Mail about a massive influx of the little bastards in Britain this year.

I can just about cope with rightwing newspapers that spout thinly veiled bile in the form of badly researched articles. I can almost tolerate vespula vulgaris loitering around all summer. The two together are enough to induce a full scale aneurysm in me.

Although I did manage to look their large and somewhat lurid photos without vomiting, bursting into tears or having to take a Valium even if I didn't much enjoy it. That and the fact I haven't screamed while outside even once this year makes me think that hypnotherapy did wonders!


  1. Christ, Izaak will be up in arms :/

  2. Only if you believe the heatwave nonsense. It's been pretty warm in London and I've still only seen about 10 wasps all summer and I've been outside more this summer than the past 30 put together...

  3. We went to Portaferry today, sunniest day in an absolute age and they were out in force. Izaak spent most of the day with his hood pulled in Kenny style around his face, jumping at everything that moved. Which in turn made me jumpy. Didn't help that my step son Jacob actually got stung on the leg last week. Ugh. Wasps